Relationship Problems

When sharing a bed with a partner with sleep apnea, getting a good night’s sleep is often difficult. It can result from either the constant snoring and gasping, or their CPAP machine whirring in the night. When couples are not getting significant amounts of sleep, it leads to several issues such as: insomnia (inability to fall asleep), daytime fatigue and falling asleep at inappropriate times, or behaving irritable or cranky towards one another. Over time, these behaviors may become more pronounced, creating unwarranted and unwanted tension between you and your partner.

If you or someone you know is showing symptoms of sleep apnea, it is extremely important for their sake and yours to seek help from a sleep medicine professional. Fortunately, sleep apnea is a treatable condition and millions have found relief and a return to better health, and better relationships.

Snoring, OSA, and Marriage:

For those of us who are in a lifelong commitment, it was probably quite a surprise when the snoring of their loved one developed into the scary symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Without proper education and treatment, what used to be tolerable sleeping behaviors can become annoying and sometimes even frightening.

At this stage, many couples find themselves going off into separate bedrooms. These people are being forced to choose between marital intimacy against a proper night’s rest and the physical and mental benefits it provides for a healthy lifestyle. The choice made each night at bedtime is an indication of the health of the marriage, and so it goes without saying the snoring and OSA could be to blame for many divorces.

It is only through the knowledge that OSA is a disease and not a behavioral choice that the afflicted person will be treated with support, care, and an appointment with a medical professional.


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