Dr. Anissi is a Board Certified sleep dentist of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Her familiarity with orthodontics makes her a preferred doctor for treating sleep apnea, due to her better understanding of patients’ bite and occlusion, as well as her vast knowledge on TMJ treatment.


We are proud to offer the following insurances: Blue Cross, Cigna, MVP. 


As humans, we need sleep in order to revitalize the body and restore its vital functions. The ongoing release of stress hormones and repeated instantaneous awakenings throughout the night rob sleep apnea sufferers of the benefits of restorative rest. 

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We are proud to offer the following services to our patients. Click on any one of the services below for more information.

  • My family just started here and we're pleased with their efficiency and friendly atmosphere.

    Arielle DeVito Avatar
    Arielle DeVito
  • I've greatly appreciated not using a CPAP machine anymore! She fitted me for an oral device. I no lonnger sound like Dark Vader keeping me and my wife awake all night. Thank you Dr. Azita Anissi!

    Mark Letterman Avatar
    Mark Letterman
  • Awesome

    The oral device is very helpful.

    Sleep much better and no more snoring!

    mike thurley Avatar
    mike thurley
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