Lifestyle Changes in Pittsford, NYLifestyle changes may be adequate in helping moderate cases of sleep apnea, but more acute cases will often require medical intervention.

Getting the right amounts of exercise daily can help patients lose weight that is potentially aggravating their sleep apnea. Eating healthier, quitting smoking, and not drinking alcohol late at night are also factors that impact one’s ability to overcome sleep apnea.

Other things a person can do to ease OSA are:

  • stop smoking
  • limit alcohol consumption
  • limit sleeping aids
  • keep the nasal passages clear with a sinus rinse or adhesive strip, and
  • avoid eating large, fatty meals before bedtime

All of the remedies have one thing in common: they are steps to take in your fight against OSA and your journey to achieve a good night’s sleep. Often times you may find that these methods worked for you in the beginning, but are now no longer effective. So you may find that the snoring has returned, and that your particular type of OSA must be treated by a professional. Some people have more severe OSA than others, therefore simple lifestyle changes won’t always be the answer.

Dr. Anissi and the Center for Sleep Therapy urge you to contact the office to set up a consultation and sleep test for you. With Dr. Anissi, a good night’s rest is her top priority.

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