Many patients who discover oral appliance therapy wish they had never tried CPAP in the first place. Since oral appliances are suggested for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy, there are some patients who may not be good candidates to use an oral appliance. Many sleep apnea patients report a noticeable change in how they feel upon awakening as soon as the morning following the first time they use an oral appliance.

Patients often notice a change in their level of functioning throughout the day, as well as a change in their level of overall happiness and quality of life. Patient compliance is higher in those who use oral appliances than those who are prescribed CPAP therapy, because of the higher levels of comfort, ease of use, and how silent and portable they are. With your visit to the Center for Sleep Therapy, Dr. Anissi and her team will be able to identify if you are a good candidate to be fitted for an oral appliance.

It works and is very comfortable, therefore the patient wears it and gets help every night!