Relationship Problems in Pittsford, NYOne unfortunate side effect of snoring is the strain it can cause for your spouse or partner. Since sleep is such a vital part of our lives, preventing our partner from getting their sleep can cause a lot of friction in any relationship. This stress can manifest in the following ways:

  • Your partner begins to notice feeling fatigued at work.
  • Your spouse develops health problems due to lack of sleep.
  • They begin to harbor resentment that you’re causing their lack of sleep.
  • They may demand that you sleep in another room, or do it themselves.
  • Even if politely ignoring it at first, insufficient sleep will have an affect on them.

Tips for Preserving Your Relationship as a Snorer

Being a snorer or someone with sleep apnea doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage or relationship. Here are some tips that can help you and your partner avoid conflict:

Respect their Need to Get a Full Night of Sleep

At a certain point, sleep is no longer a joking matter. The fact is, your partner needs quality sleep and their health and actions will suffer if they aren’t getting it. Therefore, it’s not fair to expect them to “tough it out” or “deal with” your snoring problem. Instead, if it’s necessary to sleep in another room to ensure you’re both getting rest, it’s worth the effort.

Treat the Problem As a Disease

It’s important that your partner knows that you’re not snoring and ruining their sleep on purpose. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder, and nightly snoring is one of its most prevalent symptoms. If both you and your partner can understand that sleep apnea is a disease that can be overcome, then it makes the problems seem more temporary and manageable.

Show That You’re Actively Trying to Improve

If your partner knows that you’re doing everything in your power to combat the symptoms of sleep apnea, then they’ll be more likely to sympathize with your disorder. This means seeking and using the treatments you’re given, exercising and staying in shape, and making an effort to reduce your obesity if that happens to be a factor.

Save Your Relationship by Getting the Treatment You Need

A snoring habit doesn’t have to take a toll on your most meaningful relationship. By simply getting the problem diagnosed and seeking treatment, you’re doing a lot to show your partner that you respect their need for sleep and are serious about making a complete recovery. Contact Dr. Anissi today at (585) 267-7745 and take the first step to a quality night of sleep and more peaceful rest for your partner.