Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Pittsford, NYThe most common indication that a person may be suffering from OSA is the multiple awakenings throughout the course of the night. The patient will often wake up repeatedly gasping or choking as they try to catch their breath, and then promptly fall back asleep. People experiencing these apnea events often have no recollection of them, which is why many people never even know they have sleep apnea.

People diagnosed with sleep apnea may also experience night sweats, restless sleep, heartburn or other stomach issues, dry mouth or sore throat, and morning headaches. Other symptoms that may be attributed to OSA include: difficulty waking up, increased forgetfulness, decreased concentration, and becoming irritable, moody, or depressed.

There are other symptoms which manifest during sleep. Some of them may cause the patient to awaken and take notice of their OSA.

Symptoms such as:

  • night sweats
  • restless sleep
  • an increased need to urinate during the night
  • heartburn
  • dry mouth or a sore throat
  • and morning headaches or an increase in migraine

During the day, other symptoms manifest right before your eyes. Whether or not you mindfully notice them is another matter. However, it might be difficult not to notice these changes due to untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Symptoms such as:

  • difficulty getting out of bed
  • an increase in forgetfulness
  • decreased ability to concentrate throughout the day
  • becoming irritable and moody
  • becoming depressed
  • and noticeable sexual disfunction

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